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Raccoon in the Bedroom
[key] cutest boy
Title: Raccoon in the Bedroom
Pairing: Jongkey
Length: 6,794 words
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut, Romance, Humor.. all of the above.
Summary: In which Key is an insufferable tease, and all Jonghyun wants to do is finish what they started. (Sequel to Panda at the Disco)

"Where are you headed?"

Jonghyun winced at being caught primping in front of the mirror… But in all fairness, this was the living room of his and Minho's apartment. He should have seen it coming. "Nowhere."

"Where?" Minho smirked, clearly having heard him the first time.

He scowled. "The bookstore."

"Are you sure?" He cocked his head and crossed his arms, standing coolly in the doorway of their kitchen as Jonghyun stood in front of the floor-length mirror, fixing his hair into place.

"Why wouldn't I be?" He asked dryly, stepping back and smoothing down his sleeveless shirt, appraising himself in the mirror.

"Because it looks like you're getting ready to go to the club or something, but that can't be right, because you hate that place."

He was mocking him.

That dirty bastard.

"You're right. I do hate that place." He said truthfully. He still hated the club. He hated the stupid clothes and the tasteless music and the idiotic people there and the amount of alcohol that circulated around him…

"Does this have anything to do with that blond guy I had to peel you away from last time?" Minho asked, clearly too pleased with himself.

Jonghyun glared. "Sure does."

"Did you even get his number?"

He glared even harder. "No, I didn't. Because it was a bit difficult to get any sort of question in when you were dragging me away from the goddamn dance floor."

Minho smirked.

Jonghyun rolled his eyes and took one last look at himself before deciding he looked fine, in his black-shirt-tank-top-dark-jeans-black-boots combo. He tucked his cell phone securely in his pocket and made to the door.

"I'll see you later." Minho said pompously, obviously a challenge of Jonghyun's intent.

"Yeah, right." Jonghyun countered.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means I'm spending the night at the coffee shop." He scoffed as he opened the door. "Obviously."

Jonghyun figured that maybe he was feeling something that normal people felt once he was sitting at the bar of the club, eyes darting every which way. Instead of the pure disdain he felt the week before when he'd come here, he felt… nervous. Because this time, he was actually looking for someone. Someone who he wasn't even sure would be here at all.

(But Key seemed like the sort of guy to frequent these places, so he figured he may be safe there.)

He felt just as resentful as ever, though, when he looked out onto the mass of people and deemed it impossible to recognize a single body in particular. If Key was lost in that crowd, then it was pretty much hopeless to find him.

And so, he figured that it was in his best interest to sit here in the hellhole of the bar, getting knocked and bumped on all sides by the drunken idiots who he no less than despised, half-tempted to curl into a little ball in the bathroom and hum Vivaldi to himself until Minho took pity on him and picked him up.

He drummed on the cap of his half-empty bottle of water, leg bouncing on the stool at the same pace that his head pounded and the beat rattled the entire building.

Damn, he hated this place.

When someone tapped him on the shoulder, it was sad even to himself how excited he got that maybe it was Key.

Of course, it wasn't.

"Hi there," A girl took the seat next to him with no further invitation than him turning around to her in question.

"Hey," He said dryly, looking back to his water bottle.

"What's your name?" She asked, a bit of a slur in her tone, and even if he wasn't clearly waiting for someone, it would have turned him off.


"Hi Jonghyun," She giggled.

He raised two fingers in a wave.

"Ugh, I love this song, don't you?" She seemed way too excited about the fact.

He shrugged. "It's all right." He hated it.

"Yeah? Then what sort of music do you like?" She asked flirtatiously, leaning towards him.


His head snapped up at the new voice.

"'Moonlight Sonata' and 'Für Elise' and shit, right?" Key stood with bare arms crossed over his chest, looking quite satisfied with himself.

"You know Beethoven?" Jonghyun was in love.

"Oh please, Jonghyun. Everyone knows those songs." He turned and raised a brow competitively at the girl, taking a seat on the opposite side of Jonghyun.

Of course, he turned to him instead, the girl completely forgotten.

"That's like saying you don't know the 'Brandenburg Concertos' are by Bach."

He fully appreciated any sort of knowledge of the classics. Especially by someone as attractive as Key. "Oh my god. Please marry me."

Key smirked at him. "How about we get through tonight first."


Did that mean…?

"What are you doing here? You hate this place. You said it like a thousand times before. Complained that they weren't playing enough Strauss or something." Key asked straightforwardly, once again taking Jonghyun's water and downing the rest of it.

"I was hoping to see you again." He didn't give a damn if that made him seem creepy, or desperate. It was the truth.

His brows rose, and he looked almost impressed. He leaned back slightly on the stool and crossed one leg over the other.

It was then that Jonghyun noticed—how in the world did he miss it before?—that Key's pants were silver. Like, actual metallic silver. And just as tight as the pants he wore the last time.

"What are you wearing, Key?" Jonghyun asked before he had a chance to hold back, not realizing that the question could actually offend him.

"They're nice, huh?" He patted his thigh affectionately. "Make my ass look great."

Jonghyun almost choked on his own spit.

Key stood up and moved right into Jonghyun's personal bubble (What was personal space, even? Did that exist in a club setting?). His heart started pounding and his mind was running through a broken record of oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck—

"But I would think," Key's lips were right at his ear, his hand going up to the back of his neck and dragging his nails down from his nape.

Oh fuck. Oh fuck fuck fuck—

"That you would be less concerned with what I'm wearing, and more concerned with what's underneath."

Jonghyun was sure that his entire brain drained of blood at those words, feeling a rush of arousal at his voice mixed with the teasing touch on the back of his neck.

"I'm going to dance."

Jonghyun was still in a bit of daze, unable to register that Key walked away—again, that insufferable tease—, headed toward the dance floor.

Oh hell no. He was not about to lose him in that black hole once he finally found him.

(Well, he didn't find Key… Key found him. But whatever.)

The dance floor felt like sexual frustration and smelled like sweat and alcohol and desperation.

Like always.

Dammit, Key…

He hoped that that bastard realized what he was sacrificing for him. A nice, quiet evening at home, ignoring Minho's cheering at some soccer match re-run (when he already knew the outcome, but still pretended not to) and headphones blasting some hardcore Debussy all thrown away in favor of coming here for Key.

It was his fault, with the way that he was just infectious, all grinding hips and ridiculous pants and a rolling neck and fuck, that was all that Jonghyun had thought about all week.

So, he'd come back.

But that tease decided instead to leave him again.

Probably because he knew he would follow him.

(Why wouldn't he?)

When Jonghyun fought his way through the crowd (quite literally, actually, with how he had to elbow a few people in the ribs to make them get the hell out of his way—didn't they realize that the object of his sexual fantasies for the whole week was somewhere in this crowd?!) for the full duration of a song—and that took some serious determination, he had to say—, he finally found his target.

And he stood stock-still, the heat in his body multiplying until he had to swallow a good three times and lick his lips at least five to regain even a bit of moisture, feeling feverish all at once.

Because damn.

He didn't think he'd ever seen anything more arousing than Key dancing with a girl.

The way that he looked completely different when he was in the dominant role, his hands fitting over the shorter girl's waist and guiding her as she moved with his body to the rhythm of the song…

Holy shit.

Key's hands combed through her long hair, index finger twirling around one of her curls, tongue darting out to lick the corner of his mouth and oh god. Oh dear god. That was it.

Jonghyun grabbed a hold of his upper arm, which was exposed by the leather vest he was wearing—the skin pale and just toned enough that the lines of the muscles were faintly visible and Jonghyun was sure that he'd never seen someone more attractive in his life—, and turned him around to face him.

Key smirked—smirked—, as if he was expecting Jonghyun to find him the entire time. His hands glided down the girl's neck one last time and then sidestepped her to join Jonghyun.

"Found me." Key said lowly enough that Jonghyun had to read his lips, unable to hear him over the pulse of the music.

"Found you." Jonghyun affirmed, voice almost a growl as his eyes were glued to Key's lips and how they looked under the tacky red and blue lights, glossy and full like they were just waiting for Jonghyun to take them.

Key didn't waste any time in folding his arms over Jonghyun's shoulders and rolling their hips together, forcing Jonghyun's fingers to press into his sides and his head to loll back.

"I missed you after you left." Key said right in his ear, breath on Jonghyun's earlobe, and he thought that Key must have been psychic to know that that was one of his most sensitive points.

"Sorry about that." He growled, internally cursing Minho to the deepest pit of Hell for pulling him away from this wonderful piece of human being last time.

"I hope that it doesn't happen again."

"No, I fully intend to finish what we started."

The music began to blend into another song, and Jonghyun vaguely remembered it from one time when he rode in Minho's car, but he couldn't place it.

Key, however, knew it right off the bat, and his sly expression showed that it was nothing but trouble.

Oh fuck—

But to his great chagrin, Key actually moved further away from him, the heat of his body gone, his hands barely rested on his shoulders, fingers tapping with the whistles blasting from the speakers.

He could do nothing but stand there while Key circled around him, dragging his fingers down his bicep, until they were back-to-back. Jonghyun's heart was pounding in unison with the song's tempo as Key fisted his hands behind him in the sides of Jonghyun's shirt.

Unsure of how to react, Jonghyun laid his hands on top of Key's fists and looked over his shoulder, but Key had already opened his hands up, palms sliding over the sides of Jonghyun's hips and down his legs and he lowered himself to the ground, hips swinging sinfully, barely brushing against Jonghyun's body as he did so.

"I saw that in this music video." Key's voice was right at his ear, his index fingers running down the side of Jonghyun's neck as the older fought to breathe. "Always wanted to try it."

Jonghyun swallowed nervously, body pulsing with need as the light touches were torturing his libido.

"Find me." Key whispered, lips brushing his ear, and then he was gone again.

Goddamn, Key… Jonghyun thought, and the amount of lust in his body was probably overtaking his blood at this point. The way that he kept running away, wanting to be followed…

Fuck, this was so irritating.

That tease.

He did nothing but contribute to the air of sexual frustration as he dodged his way through the crowd again, no room to breathe or to think as his mind was on one thing, one person.

He found an outlet from the crowd, and the fresh air was a blessing he could only enjoy for a split second, because he felt himself be jerked to the side and thrown roughly against a wall, solid body weight pressing on his.

His eyes widened and he tried to make sense of what happened to him; he barely had a chance to blink and take in the image of Key's sexy smirking face hovering above his before his lips were attacked by the younger's.

Jonghyun was already lightheaded; the fact that Key's tongue forced itself into his mouth in a futile attempt to catch a breath was not helping.

Key kissed him like he fucking meant it, all hungry lips and unforgiving teeth and a roughly probing tongue, body laying flush against Jonghyun's, smothering him in heat and arousal as he gripped his waist and tried to keep up with his vigor.

And god, it felt good.

"Fuck, Key," He had a funny feeling that he would be saying that a lot tonight, since it began already.

Key hummed against his cheek and gripped the front of his shirt as he began to trail his lips down, the hot, moist press molesting his neck exactly what he'd been fantasizing about for the entire week and god he just wanted him. He just wanted him so badly.

He felt dizzy, Key's lips vibrating against his neck and his whole body vibrating with the volume of the music rattling the very foundation of the building. His vision swam and his senses were on overdrive and god he just wanted him.

He knotted his hand in the back of Key's hair and pulled him up for another kiss, pressing as hard into him as he possibly could, Jonghyun trying to regain the dominance that he was so used to, his tongue moving over Key's, his hold in his hair only tightening as Key pressed his hands flat on Jonghyun's chest and began to slide them down.

Key growled into his mouth, nipping at his tongue before closing his lips around it and sucking, sucking hard, teasing him as his mind went straight to something else he wanted in his mouth.

He groaned and his knees went weak and Key took that exact moment to rock his pelvis into Jonghyun's, thrusting shallowly into his growing arousal and no. No, he definitely couldn't take this anymore, not without doing something rash like fucking Key into the wall right there.

Jonghyun pulled back from Key's mouth and panted in his ear—god, his conch piercing was just so sexy—for a second as he went deep-sea diving in his brain for the lost treasure of coherency.

"We should get out of here."

Key didn't need telling twice, moving back from Jonghyun's body and grabbing onto his wrist with a shockingly strong hold to pull him out the nearest emergency exit.


Yes, this was an emergency, thank you very much.

Jonghyun didn't know where he was going, nor did he give half a fuck when Key was guiding him down a few streets at a fast pace that had him panting—as if he wasn't already—by the end of the block.

When he was led to a floor-level apartment door, he sure hoped that it was Key's and not some stranger's—but, really, no harm if it was, as long as they wouldn't be interrupted there.

Key shut and locked the door behind him, and Jonghyun took the liberty to pin him to it as soon as he turned around, eyes searching his and finding that—hell yes—they were swimming with the same dark lust. He smirked and lifted his index finger to trace the angle of Jonghyun's jaw and Jonghyun felt a shiver rack through his body.

He leaned in, already hungry for the taste of his tongue, but Key turned his head and dodged the kiss, ducking underneath his arm and walking through the front room of the apartment.

What the hell.

Jonghyun twisted around and had full resolve to follow after him, but he couldn't help that all of his motor skills went out the window and a good amount of his brain collapsed to mush.

He had to be doing this on purpose. No person—especially a male—naturally walked with that much sway in his hips.

And damn, he wasn't lying about those silver pants making his ass look amazing.

Jonghyun tripped over himself as he walked after Key, already anticipating that they were headed straight to the bedroom and taking the first step to pull his shirt over his head, balling it up and feeling an odd hot/cold sensation of the sweat on his skin getting hit with the cool air of the apartment.

He followed Key through a doorway and kicked it shut, meeting Key in the middle of the floor—yeah, it had to be Key's apartment, because there was no way that the room accented with leopard print accessories, with a double-bed fitted in deep wine-colored sheets didn't belong to the younger—and flipping him around to face him.

Key was apparently not expecting that, however, and Jonghyun felt a spike of pride in the way that his eyes widened as they raked over his torso, his own hand releasing the wad of clothing carelessly onto the carpet.

"My place." Key said, trying to regain his cocky nature, though he was still a little pink-faced.

Jonghyun just hummed in amusement, stepping even closer to him, hands fitted on his waist over the ribbed black tank-top that he grew so excited thinking that he was about to have his hands underneath. "Going to serve me a cup of tea?"

"Hell no, I'm not." Key grabbed his arms and turned him around, unceremoniously shoving him backwards onto the bed.

Jonghyun grinned as he bounced onto the mattress, spreading his legs at the edge and leaning back on the balls of his hands.

He saw Key's Adam's apple bob in a swallow, his eyes hungry, chewing into his lower lip.

He licked his lips, heart racing in anticipation.

Key shrugged off his leather vest and held it in one hand as he reached down to the hem of his tank-top—his wonderfully low-cut tank-top that showed off his sharp collar bones—tugging it up and over his head painfully slowly, every inch of new skin exposed making Jonghyun's grip on sanity loosen bit by bit.

He pulled it over his head, leaving his blond hair messy and falling over his forehead, eyes hooded. Jonghyun's eyes traced every line of his torso greedily, over the small nubs of his nipples down the lines of his stomach—lightly defined, just like his arms, and looking flat and hard—, over his navel and down to his sharp hipbones that he's run his fingers over before.

God, he wanted to do it again.

Key's heady gaze didn't leave his own as he opened a door next him, tossing in the clothing—Jonghyun assumed it was a closet—and leaving the door ajar, so Jonghyun could see that it looked like Rainbow Brite threw up in there, and did that black onesie have a… tail?

That was far from his priority, however, when Key was standing right in front of him.

His teeth bit none too gently into his lower lip and his hands trailed teasingly over his torso—dear lord, was he seriously getting a strip tease right now?—to the waistband of his ridiculous pants. Jonghyun's eyes followed the movement of his fingers as they walked over the button and zipper and he didn't know whether to curse everything with as many filthy words his brain could muster or thank everything holy, because he could see that Key was already half-hard under those pants, rubbing his palm deliberately over the front, his other hand still dipping his thumb under the waistband and tugging them away from his body just enough to expose the electric blue boxer-briefs underneath.

Jonghyun groaned in the back of his throat, already feeling a sheen of sweat over his skin; he strained in his jeans and hastily unbuttoned and unzipped them to alleviate some of the uncomfortable friction.

Key hummed in approval. He mimicked Jonghyun's movement, though his was slower, far more deliberate, his thumbs hooking in his belt loops and tugging the jeans down his hips with little sways of his hips that rendered Jonghyun completely dumbstruck.

He swallowed again.

Key licked his lips languidly, his pants now sliding more easily over his pale, fleshy thighs.

Jonghyun's throat constricted, and it was completely out of his control when his hand found its way to the bulge in his underwear and began to press his palm over himself, because he was so aroused that it was starting to hurt.

"God Key, get over here." He no less than commanded, voice a low rumble.

He half expected Key to ignore him completely; to his relief, he complied, stepping out of his boots and pants and kicking them into the closet as well, taking his sweet time—that exhibitionist, completely bare other than his underwear—to saunter to the bed and stand in between Jonghyun's legs.

But maybe it wasn't the best thing to request of him after all, because he took full liberty to push Jonghyun backwards by the shoulders and crawl over top of him, all predatory grins and smoldering eyes and Jonghyun was almost bursting with excitement.

This was going to be so good.

The thought barely had a chance to register before Key was dipping down again, capturing Jonghyun's lips in an unyielding kiss, their chests moving against each other, nipples rubbing together and hardening on contact.

Jonghyun licked Key's lower lip and took it into his mouth, feeling the fullness roll in between his own lips as he sucked at it roughly.

Key moaned for the first time, a real, unrestrained moan, and Jonghyun felt the sound hit his body like a fucking cannonball, releasing some sort of floodgate in his restraint.

He flipped them over, letting Key resituate into a more comfortable position on the bed, before meeting the younger's lips again.

Key didn't let his position beneath Jonghyun halt his aggression in any way, reaching up and fisting his hand in the roots of Jonghyun's hair, the prickles of pain landing right in between his legs.

When Jonghyun tried to pull away, feeling dangerously close to passing out, Key had none of it. He clamped his teeth down hard over Jonghyun's lower lip, keeping him right in place and making him release a groan in the back of his throat. A shock went through his system and his hands touched every inch of Key's skin that he could reach, nothing but flawless and smooth under his fingertips and he was pretty sure that he wasn't going to last through this, not at all, because Key already had him teetering on the edge just from the way that he kissed.

"Key—fuck—" He panted out once Key let go of his lip, it plumping back into place and goddamn he couldn't even handle how sexy Key looked underneath him like that, flustered, eyes hooded, skin pale and begging to be marked up…

Jonghyun slid his hands up from Key's hips and ran his fingertips over his nipples instead, watching the way that his neck strained upward reverently. He couldn't help the smug smile that tilted his lips as he rolled the dusky nubs in his fingers until they felt like little rocks, Key squirming and lifting his hips from the bed for friction that Jonghyun—in an attempt at revenge—teasingly refused.

"Goddammit, Jonghyun," Key pressed his nails demandingly into the base of Jonghyun's neck, and Jonghyun didn't remember little bits of pain like this ever turning him on like it did right then.

He dropped his head to Key's neck—his long, thin neck—and didn't spare even a second before he closed his teeth over a spot right by his pulse point.

Key gasped and his hips bucked upward and his head fell back and yeah. Jonghyun liked that a lot.

He licked at the barely-unbroken skin, swirling his tongue and pressing it flat against the obviously-sensitive skin; Key was panting underneath him, and it was getting that much more difficult for Jonghyun to keep up the teasing act.

Jonghyun kissed up from the spot on his neck back up to his mouth, where Key took control immediately, hungry and fierce and rendering Jonghyun completely still for a second before continuing the double assault on his nipples.

"Oh fuck. Oh fuck—" Key huffed out shallow breaths onto Jonghyun's mouth and his hands skimmed down Jonghyun's back, probably feeling the shivers that racked down his spine at the feel of his feverish palms.

"Goddamn, Jonghyun, kiss me." Key said, straining his neck up when Jonghyun pulled back to breathe, and, really, how the hell could he say no to that?

And so it was back to the clash of teeth and tongues and Jonghyun futilely trying to keep up with Key, who was easily the best kisser that he'd experienced, probably the best kisser in the whole fucking universe.

He shuddered when he felt Key's hand move underneath the waistband of his jeans, not sparing a second of hesitation before breaching his underwear as well; the feel of one hand on the small of his back and one running over the flesh of his ass was probably one of the most stimulating things he'd ever felt, and it was safe to say that he was not expecting it when Key's fingers squeezed, roughly jarring Jonghyun forward against him.

He let out a gasp of surprise, and halfway through it mixed with a moan.

"Did you just grope me?" He panted, half amused and a whole lot more turned on with the way that Key's hand felt kneading into him.

"Did you just like it?" Key asked back cheekily, hastily pushing his jeans down over the backs of his thighs.

Jonghyun kicked them off just as hurriedly, and Key flipped them over again, kneeling back between his legs and trailing his lips down over the center of his chest and down below his navel.

The older let his head fall back against Key's pillows, stomach turning with anticipation as Key went lower and lower…

Oh god… oh fuck

He felt the oh-so-erotic friction from the fabric of his boxers over his thighs and down his legs until he was left completely naked, and when he sat up on his elbows, he saw Key licking his lips, perched right above his stiffened dick and god, how was he supposed to last through this?

Key didn't know the meaning of reluctance, obviously, and it was in one smooth motion full of confidence that he grabbed the base of Jonghyun's dick and let the length slide into his mouth, hitting the back of his throat.

"Oh goddammit—" Jonghyun pulled at Key's hair and pushed his hips up, seeking more of that wet heat, his body feeling slick as another wave of sweat broke out on his skin.

God, he wanted more of this, wanted to stay here with Key's throat relaxed around his cock, lips thinned out, tongue lapping at the head like an eager kitten; his hips rocked up and down into Key's hot, hot mouth and his hand held his head in place; the younger made no attempt to hold him down, bobbing his head and hollowing his cheeks and letting out moans that resonated through his flesh, creating such an overwhelming suction and all Jonghyun could register was the need pulsing through him, the crackling tidal wave of pleasure that he was getting from Key's mouth.

"Key—where's your—oh god—" He almost lost it right there when Key took him in to the hilt, swallowing around the length, all with his eyes closed and his tongue pressed flat on the sensitive underside.

He had an original purpose. He was sure he did.

"Lube—" He panted out, fingers going lax in Key's hair. "Where is it?"

Key pulled off with an obscene pop and his voice was husky, deeper than before when he said, "Middle drawer, next to you." He punctuated his words with a flick of his tongue over Jonghyun's slit and his entire body jerked with the sensation.

Jonghyun bent over the side of the bed to the nightstand, reaching into the second drawer and pulling out a blue bottle of lube and the foil packet of a condom. He handed them over to Key, letting him take the lead—like he hadn't been already… since the moment they met each other.

Key took that moment to pull his underwear off, and god his dick looked so painfully hard, the head bright red and dripping with pre-cum, and Jonghyun empathized. "Spread your legs." Key commanded lowly, and that voice was pretty much the most erotic thing he'd ever heard.

Jonghyun didn't know where he was going with that.

Key didn't like his uncertainty, obviously, because the second that Jonghyun hesitated, he bit down on the flesh of his inner thigh.

"God—fuck—" He twitched, and a twisted mix of pain and pleasure rolled through him and his head suddenly felt far too heavy for his body, falling back lifelessly.

Key's fingers closed around his cock, squeezing at the base and pumping up and down at an agonizing pace.

He heard the cap on the bottle flip open, and Key let go of him altogether—he couldn't help the whine in the back of his throat at the loss of contact, his lower half throbbing with need—to pour some of the substance into his palm.

Jonghyun's head was still lolling backwards; he didn't have the strength to lift it, not when Key's now-slick fingers began pumping him again. His eyes shut and his lips parted and his breath came out in quick pants and moans.

But that spell was broken when he felt a finger press at his entrance, rubbing over it. He snapped his head up, eyes wide, knees bending slightly in retreat. "What are you doing?"

Key smiled, and it was so indecently innocent that Jonghyun almost gave up protesting at all. "I'm topping."

"Like hell you're topping." He countered belligerently, eyes wide.

Looking irritatingly unfazed, Key knelt back up, pressing his body flush against Jonghyun's and rutting his hips into Jonghyun's a few times as he kissed him.

And oh fuck, he must have been holding back before, because now

Now, it was all power, all aggression, all dominance as he claimed Jonghyun's lips, tongue fucking his mouth quite thoroughly and Jonghyun couldn't breathe, brain couldn't form a thought other than ohfuckmoreplease. He'd never felt more powerless under someone else. And he'd never thought that it would excite him so much.

When he pulled back, Jonghyun was gasping for air, feeling suffocated under the weight and heat of Key's body, the burning flesh of his cock skimming over his thigh and making his head spin.

"You'll like it." Key assured him, only a breath away.

Jonghyun felt a drop of the younger's sweat hit his jawline and roll down to mix with his own. He couldn't think of any words. At all.

"I'll make you shake, Jonghyun."

Well. That sure as hell was promising.

"Okay," His voice wasn't his own, all rationality thrown away, as he consented.

Key dropped back in and coaxed his lips open with an tongue as he pressed at his entrance again and slid his index finger in smoothly.

Jonghyun squirmed, unsure of the way it felt, because it was just… It wasn't bad, but it was weird.

The same went for the next two fingers—except then, yeah, it kind of did hurt, and Jonghyun was grateful for the fact that Key slowed down for this at least.


Jonghyun wasn't sure if that was a new nickname or if the second half just got cut off by Key's heavy breathing, but either way it sent a spike of excitement through him. He opened his clenched-shut eyes and looked into Key's inky black ones, shivering under the gaze.

Key didn't say anything else, but he didn't need to say anything.

Because all it took was an expert crook of his fingers inside him for Jonghyun to decide that yes—oh fuck yes—, he liked this.

Key caught his reaction and smirked at it, forever asserting the fact that he was ridiculously arousing.

He pulled his fingers out carefully, and Jonghyun hated that he stopped right when it was getting good.

He sat back on his knees and tore the foil packet open, rolling the condom over his erection carefully.

Jonghyun sat up and grabbed the bottle of lube, squeezing some onto his palm and then running it over Key, making sure he was fully coated—and also loving the way that his low voice went so gravelly around the sounds of pleasure he made.

Without warning, Key grabbed his shoulders and pinned him back, face just close enough that he had to cross his eyes to see him properly.

He grinned and it was absolutely unnerving. "Say it."

Jonghyun's mind went blank. "Say what?"

Key rolled his hips, his length sliding against Jonghyun's entrance, and the older couldn't help but tremble.

Key ducked his head even lower and laid a kiss on Jonghyun's jaw. "Say it."

Jonghyun reached his hand up and roughly knotted it in the back of Key's hair, jerking his head upward and tearing a ragged cry from his lips that was easily the biggest turn-on of anything they'd done thus far.

He craned upward and licked a hot stripe along his pulse, all the way to the hollow beneath his ear. With his tongue still lapping at his jaw line, Jonghyun guided Key's head down so he could reach his ear. He still felt his cock teasing his entrance, and he'd never ever wanted someone inside him so badly, so badly that it hurt to be empty another second without him.

"Fuck me."

Jonghyun couldn't comprehend much of what was happening after that. All he could do was feel: feel the gripping pain that felt like he was splitting in two, felt the rocking of Key inside him, raw and measured and slow and even though it hurt, all he wanted was more—more.

He couldn't breathe, and he liked that.

He could hear Key having the exact same problem, choking on his name with every move. And he liked that, too.

Key bent down near his ear, fingers pressing dents into his thighs as he was spread wide. "God, Jonghyun—you're so—" He groaned as he thrust in and out, teeth clenched, and it stung Jonghyun and it hurt like hell, but it was also so fucking good all at once, "So tight."

"Yeah, well—" He paused as he felt the movement inside himself once again, "I'm usually the one who tops."

Key growled in his ear. "Well, if you're good—" He thrust, and it was harder this time, and Jonghyun tensed up and his eyes shut and damn, Key was right, he was shaking. "Then you can top me for round two."

"Yes—" Jonghyun moaned out, and he wasn't sure if it was because of his words or his motions, really, but both were deserving of the sentiment.

Key started to move more pointedly, his thrusts rhythmic but still slow, still too slow for Jonghyun to be satisfied.

"Faster, Key."

He whined when Key started rolling his hips even slower than before, wearing that same troublemaker's smile that made Jonghyun want to punch him in the face.

It was sick, really, how much he was torturing Jonghyun…

But it was probably sicker how much Jonghyun was enjoying it.

Before he even had a chance to say anything, he was crying out, throwing his head to the side and clawing into Key's shoulders, because fuckfuckfuck he was moving fast and hard and rough he was hitting the same spot in him that he'd touched before and god—god he couldn't take it anymore.

"Key—oh fuck, Key—"

Key moaned shamelessly, digging his fingers into the flesh of his thighs and pounding into him relentlessly, drenched in sweat that dripped down his jaw and rolled over his torso and god if he wasn't the textbook definition of sex…

He was hot. He was hot all over, like everything they'd been doing before was pouring gasoline over them and now it was lit, now they were up in flames, licking at their nerves and flaring in the pits of their stomachs and that sort of heat should have been impossible it was so good. So, so fucking good.

Jonghyun was shivering, thighs quaking in Key's grip, because this was an entirely different sort of pleasure than he'd ever felt—he was already so close to the edge, skin feeling taut over his muscles and his bones, so, so close—

He felt himself tense up, felt the head of Key's cock hit that spot straight on, and then that was it.

Orgasm hit and it hit hard, his head rolling sideways and his brows furrowing deeply and his mouth opening wide in a silent cry and fuck—

It was amazing. It felt so good and that's all he could think, all he could see-hear-taste-smell-feel was how good it was, to fade into a white oblivion—Did he pass out? Oh damn, he might have, because his vision went completely white. Or maybe he even died. And if he did, he wouldn't even be mad. This must have been a fucking incredible way to die.

His bones felt like they'd just been deflated or something, because he couldn't lift his head, couldn't move an inch as his vision swam and all he could see was the texture of Key's ceiling. He felt his own release wet on his stomach and chest, sure that it hit Key as well, but he couldn't see for the time being.

It wasn't ten seconds later that Key went stiff and he shuddered, tearing a moan of Jonghyun's name from his lips that sent satisfaction through the older.

Key was whimpering as his hips continued to move shallowly, riding through his own orgasm as Jonghyun lay out underneath him.

"Oh god," He groaned, and then he fell forward against Jonghyun, barely catching himself by bracing his elbows on the sides of Jonghyun's head.

The change of angle on Jonghyun's oversensitive flesh made him wince; he hissed outright in pain when Key pulled out far too quickly, leaving a bitter sting behind.

"Sorry," Key apologized hastily, bending down to press a kiss to his lips as he rolled onto his side, just as powerless as Jonghyun.

Jonghyun didn't say anything, just draped an arm around his waist and pulled him in for a slow, deep kiss, leaving them both shivering through the aftershocks of pure pleasure.

Key hummed into his mouth before pulling away. He pushed up on shaky arms and vaguely mumbled something about not being able to get that song out of his head, lowly whistling the tune to the song that they'd heard earlier in the club.

Jonghyun groaned internally, thinking that he was going to be subjected to more of that pop garbage to ruin the afterglow of the best sex he'd had. Ever.

But when Key reached over Jonghyun's body and hit "play" on the stereo sitting on the bedside table before falling back against the mattress and curling up to Jonghyun's chest, the first thing that met his ears besides his own heavy breathing was Pachelbel's Canon in D and he was quite sure that this was the man of his dreams.

Jonghyun let out an impressed chuckle and wrapped his arms securely around the other. Despite still being still kind of convinced that he was probably dead at this point already and wouldn't make it through a round two in the afterlife, he figured that it wouldn't hurt to say it anyway.

"You're still marrying me, you know."

He heard a low chuckle against his chest.

"You're an idiot, Jonghyun."

A/N - because I was dared to write a top!Key with a Trouble Maker theme. so, blame ezri_sun for the dare, and just2wings for her top!key fetish. XD

well. that was the dirtiest thing I've written in a good six months. Also, it was almost 7000 words long. What.

And uhmmm either way. I hope you liked it c: what with my ~sneaky~ references to the song Trouble Maker and pretending to know what I'm talking about with classical composers and whatnot. also, I successfully added in a part about the raccoon pajamas. you know. no big deal. XP



"Does this have anything to do with that blond guy I had to peel you away from last time?" Cockblock Minho and all-up-in-each-other's-space JongKey at their finest. I'm loving this already (and I'm so excited... AND I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT ♪)
I love how Jonghyun is still so out of place in the club.. <3
"'Moonlight Sonata' and 'Für Elise' and shit, right?" Ohmygod I love him. Key's entrance is epic
"Oh my god. Please marry me." I adore/love/revere Jonghyun like thisssss<3333
"That you would be less concerned with what I'm wearing, and more concerned with what's underneath." WHAT IS FUCKING AIR OMG HE'S SO MANIPULATIVE AND I LOVE IT I DO
object of his sexual fantasies for the whole week *fans herself* MOVE PEOPLE HE'S A MAN ON A MISSION
He didn't think he'd ever seen anything more arousing than Key dancing with a girl. *CRIES* UNFFFFFFFFF
I feel like that passage was inspired by (this). Holy shit. No amount of "Unf" will express how Unf this is.
Key didn't waste any time in folding his arms over Jonghyun's shoulders and rolling their hips together I DIED.
OH LORD. The trouble maker choreography. I CAN'T.
he felt himself be jerked to the side and thrown roughly against a wall, solid body weight pressing on his TT.TT THIS IS LIKE ALL MY WILDEST FANTASIES COMBINEDDDDD AS;DJFALSDJF;LAJSDL;FJA;SDLJF;ALSJDF
Key kissed him like he fucking meant it X.X THAT FIERCE FUCK
He knotted his hand in the back of Key's hair X.X oh you know what you're doing to me, don't you
and Jonghyun took the liberty to pin him to it HURHRUHRADL;JALSLJD;A I JUST LOVE IT WHEN THEY'RE BOTH ROUGH AND MANHANDLING EACH OTHER OKAY!?\?!?!&%&*?!?!?
And damn, he was not lying about those silver pants making his ass look amazing. POINTS TO GIF - DO YOU NEED MORE EVIDENCE!?!?!
unceremoniously shoving him backwards onto the bed.
Jonghyun grinned as he bounced onto the mattress, spreading his legs at the edge
leaving his blond hair messy and falling over his forehead, eyes hooded I can't even TELL YOU how SEXY this is


I enjoyed this way too much, I've never liked Key topping but... God, this is so good!
Kat, my congratulations to you, you had me the whole time, really.

I'll just be here.
/twiddles thumbs.

Hottest smut I've read in a long, LONG time. Top!Key is ridiculously sexy, but I love how they were actually fighting for dominance at the same time.

And then you add in the whole Troublemaker theme and the little touches like the classical music and gorgeous lines like that gasoline metaphor and DAMN that was just brilliant all round. A+++

wahh I'm so happy c':

thank you so much!! I'm so glad that you liked it :)

This is utter perfection. My brain cannot even function after reading that. Amazing, beautiful, perfect, hot-as-fuck piece of smut. Have I told you recently how much I love you??? Because I do.

wahh thank you so much c': I'm so glad that you liked it!! :)

Beyond. Sexy
Top!key is BEST

I'm glad that you liked it!! ^^

i honestly have noo fucking wordsssss *standing ovation*

thank you for reading!!! c:

it's not even past midnight and i'm speaking in tongues freaking out about this

okay um i totally thought kibum was talking to him for some odd reason at the very beginning and made sassy comments about his attitude but then it was actually minho because i read it over but it's alright because it really doesn't change anything tbh.

"and did that black onesie have a… tail?"
hypothetically if i were to possess the equipment to have a so-called "boner", it would have ripped itself from my body and crawled into my walk in closet after reading this. lawd. why. wae. waeyo. no me gusta. don't make me think about.. because his ass would be fabulous. but it'd turn into some creepy furry!fanfic fairly quickly = =

top!key. well.

"'I'll make you shake, Jonghyun.'"

eoteokke~~ le dead

XDXD It clearly said "Minho" like twelve times.

I just love you. XD

hahahahaha sorry to kill your boner. it was a reference to the pajamas he wore in hello baby. they're supposedly a racoon, soo.. that's where the title came from and all XDXD

thank you for commenting!! you know that your comments are like the most entertaining things in the world c':

Well FUCK!
That was HOT. *dies*
top!key is amazing asdfghjkl~
I have no words to describes this!

haha I'm glad you liked it c:

Can I say that this literally, LITERALLY blown my mind! Believe me, Jonghyn was not the only one having a hard time remembering how to breathe properly.

hahaha thank you!!! I'm glad that you liked it c:

okay so i am very sorry i still didnt respond to your last chapter of MaE :( Forgive meeeeee
SPOT here

haha don't worry about it c:

AMAZING... I've been off fanfics for almost a week and a half because I've been so busy and I'm glad this was the first thing to read when coming back. :0
Fucking amazing story~

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thank you for reading c: I'm glad that you liked it!! ^^

OMFG. I think I DIED.
Hold on... let me try to restart my brain

These are the silver pants.... right?

BUT OMFG THAT WAS HOT. I apparently wasnt aware that Key topping was so effin hot. GAWD.

Thank you as always
shinee gif Pictures, Images and Photos

dear god those gifs..

especially the minho gif.

let me die.

Excuse me, miss, but I think I need a new pair of panties...
No words.
No fucking words.

XDXD thank you for reading!!

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no seriously now, i don't know what to say XD
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haha true. forever a tease.

thank you for commenting ^^


10. I DIED

♥ please kill me again in the future ♥


Sob, first time ever commenting on your fic and it has to be the smuttiest thing I've read in a while, well yay. orz. x"D
Top!Key IS simply the best thing in the entire fucking universe (or is it bottomh!Jjong? x"D) and it totally made ma day :333
Only now I think I'll be forever frustrated until I get to see Key dancing to Troublemaker so uhm, yeah, thanks for the glorious mental images /fans self TT_____TT
I love it! ♥

Omg PS. Pachelbel's Canon in D - I've been searching for the name to that piece for such a long time! 8'D

Oh fuck.
I don't even know what to say (as if I could think straight right now), except for damn, that's probably the hottest top!Key fic I've read so far. Scratch that - it's probably the hottest fic in general I've ever read and I love you for making my day with posting this :3

the hottest??? I feel accomplished ^^

thank you for reading!!

sexy!key userpic for sexy smut

okay, i'm gonna read this now


brb !

... and I can't even spell sequel lol xD

But DSKJFLKGD *coherency is long gone* This was just about the hottest, most sexy smut I've ever read. I LOVE TOP!KEY SO MUCH IT MAKES ME CRY T___T <3 And I just love smut so much it makes me cry too. Oh gosh <3

I love how Jonghyun is all 'You're still marrying me' at the end haha, it was perfect! But I would totally do the same if I ever had the chance to meet Key. He wouldn't be able to get away. EVER ohohoho ~

Gosh. DO MORE SMUT LIKE THIS <3 I will love you forever ;__;


A proper comment will follow after I came back to life.. XD

Okay.. I'm alive XD At least I hope so.. XD
I think I didn't comment on "Panda at the Disco"... if this is the case.. Shame on me!! I wanted to!...-.- okay.. whatever XD
Back to the topic...

Seriously.. this is one fantastic-super-duper-mega-unbelievable-hot-and-sexy-and-arousing smut! *__* I loved it! ^^
I read a lot of smut and some of them were good... but this is just fucking amazing!!!! I mean.. I'm not a big fan of top!Key but I read a few fics with top!Key.. some were good and some were really bad..
and then you wrote a really good one and I'm sitting here like.. *nosebleed* akfhkujsadfhkjsdgvzdsajkfedf *incoherent* ♥___♥ *drool* and so on.. XD I have nothing against top!Key if it's well written and not with some whiny, extremely girly Jonghyun (although he is girlier as Key sometimes.. XD) and you managed to write this *__* (I don't know why but I'm in the mood for JongHo with bottom!Jonghyun... XDDD random information of the day XD)

"Oh my god. Please marry me."
LOL XD fits XD I like it XDD

and the kissing scenes *drools* How hot is this? Seriously! XD It was almost like watching some good gay porn.. okay.. it was better than that XDDD
because there was no way that the room accented with leopard print accessories, with a double-bed fitted in deep wine-colored sheets didn't belong to the younger
Speaking of porn... XDD

So.. all in one.. it was fucking perfect *_________________*

I swear, by everything alive and dead.

I'm so dead right now, my brain is fried! How should I learn for exams now. -.-''

The teasing at the club was damn hot, and the bed scene even hotter and the sex was ASDBUIGFEWNVHUMXHDAWUORHMO=QU) UE!!!

the best??? wahh thank you so much c':

I'm so glad that you liked it XD


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